What does holistic health mean?

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To me it means striving to live wholly. Hugging life with both arms in a warm long embrace. As to say; thank you. Thank you for the abundance of experiences, lessons, adventures and wonderful food that you give me. The nurturing healing powers of nature and plants that you provide. The expanse of consciousness that invites us to play and experience life in depth. The beauty and pain that is here to inspire. All of you, life, I adore.

Embodying a sense of wholesomeness in all that is means:

  • Caring about the little details that make up the sum total of who you are. The food you eat, the thoughts you think/words you use, the environment you live in, the work you do.

  • Being disciplined. Caring about yourself so much that you do the work and do your practices, by fully committing yourself to your growth processes.

  • Letting go of self-sabotaging habits, judgments, attachments and destructive ways of thinking/being/feeling. Knowing that every habit is a choice.

  • Practicing compassion, selflessness and gratitude

  • Learning to cultivate more ease, grace and flow, by becoming more centred, balanced, present and alert.

Essentially, being mindful of all aspects of what constitutes "me" - this body, mind and consciousness that I get the pleasure to live with.

I have studied nutritional healing and holistic health through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have been and lived in many different parts of the world, and half circumnavigated the globe on a sailboat. I currently build our dream home in Sicily with my son and partner. My passion for listening inwards, seeking real connection with my self, was additionally spurred by the dark nights spent in my own company, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The beautiful world, its people, cultures, and their various philosophies, traditions and rituals, have fuelled my passion for learning, and have helped deepen my understanding of the connection between our mind, body and consciousness. That in turn is shaping and inspiring the always evolving processes and practices that I use, to educate and help initiate healing in others.