The 7 traits that I use to Manifest My Dreams


Cleanse your mind / bring clarity 
+ Identify the roadblocks-exercise


The power of your mind 
+ Explore your mind-exercise


Design your dream life
+ Create the vision-exercise

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Nurturing the 7 traits have helped me manifest:

  • a loving partner and a happy family life

  • Traveling (and sailing) around the world for the past 15 years

  • a perfect piece of land to build a home on in a paradise location

  • a successful and fulfilling job that I love, which helps others LIVE THEIR DREAMS

…and so much more…

Now is THE TIME to

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You have everything that it takes - and with some guidance, discipline and practice you can unlock your full potential and achieve all of your wildest dreams.
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This Dream Kickstarter mini course is a collection of profound videos sampled from my Life Design Course. While this short course includes 6 lessons (3 videos and 3 exercises), the Life Design Course has 58 lessons in total.

The course is fantastic! - MIA, USA

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Amazing eyeopening practices! - SOFIA, Germany