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7 days to transformation

My 5 day reboot program was a huge success! This is the 7 day version, boosted with more practices and more personal support.

What does it take to change ones life? 4 things:

  • Become aware of your limitations and where they stem from, at a deeper level.

  • Get crystal clear on what life you rather wish to live, than the one you live today.

  • Eliminate the gap by re-programming old beliefs and rewriting your life’s story.

  • Understanding of how worthy, loved and protected you are, through whichever choice you make. So why not make the best out of life?

This transformational program includes:
A clear action-plan for transformation
Practices and tools to reprogram the parts of your mind that are today limiting your life experience
Toolbox for when the mind struggles to collaborate
Manifestation guide to achieve and receive the life you wish to live
2 x 45 min calls
Unlimited support through messaging for 7 days

Price: $599