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Master Your Mind - a 5 day challenge

Are you sceptical about the idea that your thoughts create your reality? You may think: “If my thoughts created my reality, then I could create any crazy life I wanted right? So that simply can’t be true!?!” 🤯

Well, I am happy to share with you that I have narrowed down all my knowledge and experience in this hot topic. I shared this in one amazing 5-day challenge that I held a few months back.

The response to this challenge was incredible. One person even said the training gave a more clear insight into the nature of the mind than what an Eckart Tolle seminar she had been to had given her.

I'm happy to announce that I am now making this training available for everyone to take part in.

This training gives you one new introspective assignment for five days. These are lessons that will help you clear the confusion, help you remove the roadblocks that stand in your way of creating the life that you wish to live. And there are practices that help you get started on designing your dream life.

In this challenge you’ll learn:

- How to use the power of your brilliant mind (and the law of attraction) to create your dream life.
- What you need to clear out and understand before the law of attraction can fully work its magic in your life.
- How to make peace with your mind, so that it stops stressing you and bringing you anxiety.

Here's what Jenny said about the challenge:
"This challenge was really powerful. I now understand that I really need and can change my mindset. I understand why I see things in a certain way, why I act as I do in certain situations. My favourite part was when I understood why I act as I do and how easy it is to change and record a new mindset in your brain."

Now, what are you waiting for my friend?

Price: $39

If you wish to go through all of the lessons in one go, that's totally fine as all five videos will be available to you immediately.