21 day life reboot

Do you have aspirations to achieve any of the following in your life:

Gain better sleep
Feel more motivated
Feel more confident
Have more energy
Find more peace and harmony
Gain clarity and direction
Get in better physical, mental or emotional shape
Have a less easily distracted mind
Clear up your skin and your digestive problems
Get better organised
Love yourself more deeply
Become more present in everyday life
Have more time for family
Figure out what your life's purpose is
Have less headaches and migraine
Quit addictions
Lose weight
Balance your hormones
Appreciate flavours and food for their real taste
Do the healthy lifestyle changes you know are worth doing

Basically: Do you want to move up a few levels in life and health? Then this intensive program is for you.

We will focus on 4 key areas:

- Declutter - body, mind and environment.
- Personalised meal plan - along with shopping lists and easy to follow recipes. We'll strengthen your immune system and make you thrive from the inside and out, by eliminating what's unhealthy and toxic, while maximising your nutritional intake with wonderfully healthy meals and drinks.
- Daily practices - setting the intentions, doing the meditation, learning to listen to your intuition, working on catching the thoughts that are counter-productive, freeing you from the mental bondage that stands in between you and your dreams.
- Dharma/life purpose exploration - slowly uncovering what you are really meant to be doing.

This program is quick and effective. Targeted and simple in the way that we get straight to the core, and work our way towards unlocking your potential in a few easy steps. This program is for the ones that truly want to turn their lives around. For the ones that are ready to commit time, and put in real effort in order to get astonishing results.

So often we say “I wish I had more time for this and that”, or “when I’ve done A, B and C I will finally begin my healthy life”. Signing up for this program, there won’t be any time for excuses. Procrastination will no longer work. You’ll finally face your self, and the beautiful results will make you wish you had done this much sooner.

I’ll patiently walk through each step with you. Holding your hand as you do the big leap towards more freedom and clarity. Challenging, motivating and encouraging you throughout the process.

When removing distractions and old habits that no longer serve you, you free up massive amounts of mental space and you open the doors to creativity. This will be your fuel for finally being able to create the life you’ve dreamed of.

For this 3 week program, you will get:

- 1 Weekly 40 minute call with me.
- Daily chat support.
- Practices provided in PDF and discussed on our calls.
- Meal plan with recipes for three daily meals + healthy snacks.

Let me know below what I may be able to help you with, and I will get back to you with suggested hours for our first complimentary exploration call:

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