I work with clients seeking lasting health and wellness changes that are aligned with their core values. I will help you develop target goals and produce a viable plan for your future health and happiness. I’m here to help you remember the importance of peace, balance and fulfilment in all aspects of life, not only in nutrition and exercise - by supporting you in making sustainable lifestyle and behaviour modifications.

I believe there are 6 important pillars to consider in the pursuit of true well-being:

1. Finding and clarifying your true values - what are your innermost desires and needs?
2. Wholesome natural food and a balanced dietary approach suitable for your particular body
3. Sound sleep
4. Some form of physical activity
5. Conscious stress management
6. Soul connection to your community (and nature)

My approach is holistic in that I encourage treating the whole person in regards to her or his health. I base my coaching on the belief that everything in our lives is interconnected. You begin by improving one area, and it creates a beautiful ripple effect through the other details of your life. Coaching is a partnership, where the client is as much, if not more, involved in the process of moving towards change. Besides food and nutrition, we will also explore your career, relationships, community, home, spirituality and emotional health.

Unlike conventional therapy, we will not focus much on looking backward through your life to heal old wounds. I much rather help you look into what it is we have to deal with right now, in this moment. How can we become better aware and conscious of what is needed? How can we improve the situation moving forward? And what changes will bring you long lasting happiness to your mind, body and soul. By being present and content in the now and doing the best you can in each following moment, you are ensuring both a preventive cure and an active tool to help manage chronic conditions. Mental as well as physical.

Be it with eating better, getting more energy, sleeping better, figuring your next step out, discussing your dream life situation, losing weight, finding the golden route to peace and balance in everyday life - I’ll be your mentor and support, or why not call it your friend who always listens and always encourages you. In your own process towards health, happiness and more spiritual, physical and emotional freedom. And by you gaining more confidence and knowledge in regards to your own health and well being, you will be able to guide and help your family and people around you.

My goal with each client, is to teach and support you in better understanding the connection between good wholesome food, physical activity, mental peace and slowing things down a notch to be able to reflect better - while having fun in the process of creating the life of your dreams.

Some of the things I can help you with:

Hormonal imbalances
Skin problems/acne
Weight loss
Digestive issues
Food allergies and intolerances
Sugar cravings
Emotional eating
Substituting regular food choices with healthier options
Healthy vegetarian and vegan meal planning
Reduce meat consumption from your regular diet
Meal planning with quick and easy recipes for a busy life
Food/household budgeting
Grocery shopping lists
Stress management
Finding motivation
Create action plans for an important life change
Purpose of life conversation
Connect to life and self through spirituality

Get in touch for more info: taru at tarutuomi.com