Most of us know what we would like to spend more time on. What we should and shouldn't eat to gain better health. What activities that aren't entirely healthy or fulfilling to us. We know we should sleep more hours. Not look at the phone the first thing in the morning. Shop less. Meditate more. Go after our highest dreams. 

There's a lot of hypocrisy within us, it seems a natural part of human nature. It's challenging to stick to our core beliefs at all times. Especially when we haven't spent enough time evaluating what our core beliefs are.

We have so many options, endless opportunity for feeling stronger, being better focused, with crystal clear clarity. Yet somehow we manage to live life much below our optimal levels. Is this fair, one could ask. To waste the immense gift that is our lifetime, on a lower level existence?

I think not. I know for a fact that all of us, all of you, have more to bring into the world than what you do today. There is untapped potential resting within you that is yearning to be let out. A healthier, more wakeful, more conscious, happy and more peaceful version of yourself. 

My desire is to help you get to that space, help you uncover your true self that operates from a conscious, clearheaded perspective. And for you to gain the health and strength that will help you move through this time space reality with much more ease, grace and lightness. Health is our natural state of being. We need to remind ourselves of that.

The way I see it, there are 6 major causes for hormonal and emotional imbalance, illness and disease in your body.

  • Free radical exposure
  • Inflammation
  • Acidic foods
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of conscious mind activity
  • Not following your dharma / life's purpose

You'd be amazed to realise how many blockages - physical, emotional and even social - can be released by just beginning to eat the foods, the minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids that you need and that are good for your specific body. 

Equally important as right nutrition, is investigating in your true nature and exploring your life's purpose. uncovering the dreams and wishes that are hidden beneath the urban must-do's and to-do lists. 

Often a process forward begins with removing social, environmental and home environment distractions. As we lift the blankets of noise and clutter, the real you can slowly begin to take shape. 

The new healthier, stronger, lighter, more focused you - the authentic you that has been there all along.

Some of the things that can be helped with my method:

Hormonal imbalances
Skin problems/acne
Weight loss
Digestive issues
Food allergies and intolerances
Sugar cravings
Emotional eating
Healthy vegetarian and vegan meal planning
Meal planning with quick and easy recipes for a busy life
Food/household budgeting
Clutter-free living
Healthy grocery shopping lists
Stress management
Finding motivation
Create action plans for an important life change
Purpose of life conversation
Connect to life and self through spirituality