My road to self discovery has as for many others, been a winding road of equal measure adventure, challenge, exploration and contemplation....

I used to live on a sailboat for five years of my life, traveled half way around the world. What that journey, in compromised space far from regular civilization, taught me more than anything about life is; that we don't really need much at all in order to thrive. In fact, the less we have and occupy us with, the better do we feel, function and the better do we allow ourselves to treat others. The better can we focus on what's really important.

I've realized life goes in cycles, transformation that we sometimes hope for to happen now!, happens gradually, slowly developing beneath the obvious. With every new cell and idea that is born. Hence why I believe it is crucial to become fully aware of how much our everyday food and lifestyle choices affect our future health and happiness.

I like to begin at the bottom. Looking at the foundation. Erasing distractions. And start building ourselves up again. We all need a fresh new start from time to time. Natural clean food, yoga or exercise and daily meditation, unadulterated nature and peaceful living are all strong pillars of a life fresh and new. Exactly the things we offer here on Parós.