Healthy Wholesome Recipes for Everyone

Being conscious of how different foods react within your body is important wisdom in creating a truly healthy life. We're all created uniquely different. Don't be too hard on yourself. But also, don't waste the opportunity to thrive and glow, from the inside out. Being aware and at peace with what you feed your body with, has a great positive impact on your mental well being as well.

I cook with the intention to please myself and my meal companions with the most nutrient dense of foods. With some conscious planning, everything is possible to turn into healthful meals. Regardless of how unhealthy they may seem at first.

I avoid meat and dairy, and other acidic foods and ingredients that are known to cause allergy and inflammation, even if I occasionally can't resist a gluten bread or a yummy pasta with parmesan cheese. I believe in balance, which for me means eating around 85% really nutritious plant based, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory, and 15% of whatever my heart desires in a moment. I do not believe in full restrictions, unless your body and gut truly need a break from a certain ingredient.

For my clients, I often make a unique meal plan for their particular needs. If there is a special health concern, I have them go through an elimination diet to investigate in what exact foods that messes with their well being. The body is amazing in that it gives us signs when something's up. And the good thing is that, with a little time, work and patience, we can often get to the bottom of a problem. Helping you feel the best you have felt in years, just by removing that which may cause unease.

Food should feel fun, easy and give you strength, pleasure and power!

chinese stirfry with quinoa simple meals

Carrot coriander soup

One yummy soup full of vitamins and minerals! The sweetness from the carrot blends so well with the tangy flavour of coriander, and there's a little extra depth added by the potato.


Overnight oats with chia and raspberries

Such a great breakfast treat, and so convenient being able to whip this up before bedtime so it's ready to be devoured first thing after morning meditation. This is my favourite way to make it.


Antioxidant rich granola

A good way to get some life boosting antioxidants/polyphenols into your every day life is to make up a batch of granola and fill it with all the good stuff. Granola gives such a good opportunity to mix up the best of seeds, spices and grains into a real powerful superfood.



With just a few ingredients, you can mix this up in no time. No proofing needed.



A vegan delight that also happen to be completely gluten and sugar free. The perfect healthy treat when sugar craving hits.

Caramelised apples with a crunchy layer of coconuts and oats.



A hearty pasta meal with tons of fragrance and aroma. Very popular with vegans and meat eaters alike.


Veggie + tofu stir fry with rice noodles

Some of the easiest and yummiest meals to whip together, in almost no time. A meal with great value and potential when comparing yumminess with the short amount of time it takes + how you almost always have all ingredients on hand. 

Delectably marinated tofu mixed with powerful greens.


Simple flavours

So drawn to simple flavours these days. Food with few good quality ingredients and selected few spices or herbs. I like feeling what things taste by themselves, appreciating them for their individual qualities, rather than hiding a big bunch of ingredients behind a mysterious sauce or too many flavourings. Which can also be tasty, but I enjoy challenging my taste buds with also remembering and appreciating things for what they are, and their own nurturing properties.


Simplest meal ever. Yet exploding with flavour and colour. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, nut free etc etc and pretty much only contains pure h e a l t h.

leek and potato soup vegan vegetarian healthy soups


Such a great invention. Potato and leek soup. I grew up loving the subtle flavour combination of them two intermingled into a warm and finely puréed meal. The new addition of carrot, dill and thyme makes for such a good extra effect. Perfect either way, for cold winters days.

moroccan vegan vegetable tagine chickpeas etc

vegetable tagine with couscous

Been eating this delicious warm, soothing vegetable dish for two days now. There is something so comforting with chunky pieces of hearty vegetables like carrot, eggplant and courgette. Combined with super-foods like garlic, cinnamon and turmeric. Plus a bit of sweetness mixed in with golden raisins. Not to mention the additional sweet North African vibe you get by cooking the couscous with nutmeg and cinnamon. The flavours blend so well together. And makes me long to get back to Morocco asap.

dairy free swedish pancakes


Being back in Sweden, I can't help but indulging in all things Swedish. I'm such a sentimental person. Food memories are my best memories. Childhood foods are currently high on my list of food desires, next to my only apparent strong preggo craving, sweet and juicy oranges...