Video time

Kära gamla läsare! Alltså jag syftar till er som följt min resa under många år. Jag har nu äntligen fått tummen ur och börjat skapa lite videos till er. De kommer vara på engelska fortsättningsvis, men tänkte att det vore kul att säga hej till er på svenska för första gången som jag delar med mig av mig själv på det här sättet. Ställ gärna frågor eller kom med idéer om vad ni vill höra mig snacka om i framtida video-inlägg. Och snälla döm mig inte för min fake sthlms-dialekt, jag hade just innan spanat in lite videos av retorikexperten Elaine Eksvärd för att bli lite peppad till att prata rent och klart, och dialekthärmapa som jag är så blev det så här den här gången :) är ni också kameleonter när det kommer till språk och dialekter?

Finally got around to creating some videos for you all! After ten years of blogging and many years of contemplating sharing more of myself in this sort of format, I have f i n a l l y had the patience to begin this process.

If this was a random introduction, then my intention for future videos is to share many thoughts and ideas, to discuss subjects that I often speak about in my sessions with clients. About finding balance in every day life, how to connect back to source. Remove mental obstacles to give space for what is truly important. And I'll be sharing tools and ideas on how to find a harmonious way back to the pure peace and love of self.

If you have any questions, let me know and I may answer them in the next few episodes. Or if you have any ideas on what you'd like to hear me speak about.

Hope you enjoy!

House hunters

The most important aspect of planning for our baby's birth, was to find the perfect house to give birth in. Since I haven't lived in Sweden for quite some time, and my boyfriend being from the UK, we don't own any home here. So we have rented a flat in Malmö for the last few months. We love Malmö and it was a great place to begin this Swedish chapter in. It's not a very big city, but we knew that it was closer connected to proper nature that we wanted to live for the actual birth.

I've envisioned a typical Swedish red wooden house with white corners. Plenty of green grass around, and the yard surrounded by a bit of forest and lots of farmland. I wanted there to be land to grow food on, and be near either the sea or a lake. All my dreams begin with visualization, once I have an image clear in my head, I move on to making it a reality. The key important details of this dream house were:

- peace and quiet
- in the midst of soul nurturing nature
- can easily walk barefoot in between indoors and outdoors
- not too near any neighbours, as I potentially would like to give birth outdoors if the delivery happen to happen on a warm and sunny day
- charming character to the house, old and well lived in. Preferably with wood burning stoves and gas oven. And please no leather sofas from the eighties that approximately 75% of the houses advertised on Blocket seemed to have :)
- hospital within 30-45 min drive if we for any emergency reason would need to visit one
- remote, but not extremely remote as we would like our family and friends to be able to visit in the summer
- space to grow food, and lots of light indoors so we can begin the growing process inside in the early spring

The idea was to rent a place from 2-3 months before birth - to get a quiet and peaceful final period to grow and connect to the pregnancy process - to the first 3-4 months of the baby's life. If all sync and we all are healthy and happy when winter of 2017 knocks on the door, we would ideally like to travel to Asia for some time. Rent a beach bungalow to keep connecting with our new family dynamic, get to know our child, and surf and eat healthy local food. We both are freelancers and run our businesses online, so we are not locked to any specific place. Only thing we need really is a wifi connection and our laptops.

If we love living in the Swedish countryside together this spring, summer and autumn, the plan is to later buy something small here. A similar idea and setting as described above.

So our research led us to four houses. One in Skåne, the Southern region in which we live now. This is the first house we visited:

Looked real nice and was very secluded inside of a wild forest. Lots of wild boar roam this area and it is a widely popular destination for hunting them, we later found out. There being a hunting tower right next to this land. We love forest and trees, but it may have felt a bit too enclosed and not as open as we had hoped for. Also weren't too keen on the idea that much part of the land and house was restricted for use.

We continued the drive up north, to mid Sweden more or less, approximately an hour from where I grew up (lived in that area during the ages of 8-16, after I had moved to Sweden from Finland). The second house we had scheduled to meet with had such a different ambiance altogether. Trees and bushes around. A bit of forest in the distance. But the house was mainly surrounded by open fields and pasture. Aaah, a place to breathe...

The owner, who lives a few hundred meters away - the only nearby neighbour - proved to be an amazingly special character. Such a rare find in these kind of countryside villages where older people often are either very religious, or quite narrow minded, or both. But this man was something entirely different. He also was kind enough to let us stay overnight in the house, for us to feel the vibe before we made our decision. As I mentioned on my Instagram, my pregnant body hadn't slept as good as I did that night, in a very long time. The utter quietness, and the natural sound of the fireplace lulled me so comfortably to sleep and it seems the baby was peaceful there as well. Not kicking all night, forcing me to go to the toilet every second hour :)

Plum trees and cherry trees outside the kitchen window. Can only imagine how this garden looks when spring arrives. There is electricity, but I absolutely loved that we could heat the house with wood burning stoves. And that there were chandleries in every room.

In between our house and the house in which the owner lives, is a shower and a sauna. And this old barn with a great dining space, overlooking the field on which he grows organic food. We were free to use both the sauna, barn and make use of some land for growing, he said. Such difference from the first house we looked at where we couldn't use this and that and not go into the barn etc...

Beautiful old earth cellar for storage.

Almost didn't want to leave in the morning. But had a few more houses to visit before we decided.

The third house on our list. But we felt quite immediately that there wasn't any point of continuing looking around. Our hearts were sold on the place we had slept the night before. So I called and cancelled the last one, and called the owner of the previous one to tell him; we'll take it!

Immediately started planning for foods to grow and where, where to plant rose bushes, and where to place the outdoor bathtub. The house owner himself was born at home in the fifties, as were his siblings, so he really liked the idea of us having the birth happening on his land. After the long breakfast conversation we had with him and his partner, it feels like there will be born very many great stories from this new chapter. And it truly feels like the perfect place for us to begin our family life.

So grateful that the baby is arriving in the summer. In my mind I like to compare it with a seed that builds its roots system throughout the spring, and will sprout and enter this world right in time for midsummer when all the trees and flowers are in bloom. Everything feels so natural and in tuned with the natural cycle of life and birth. At the same time, everything in our lives right now feels like being in such a good flow timing wise. Just like it is all meant to happen exactly this way. Exactly right now.

Here's the house again. It's just a few minutes from Lake Hornborga (Hornborgasjön), and coincidentally we will move in at pretty much the same time as the beautiful crane birds migrate back home after the long winter. This lake is famous all over the world for the special spring dance ritual that the cranes do there.

Such a gracious animal...

Crane couples often spend their whole lives together, and their special dance helps strengthen the relationship. During their dance the cranes will usually take giant leaps into the open air, bow and then circulate around each other.

On the way back home we visited my sister who lives 40 minutes away. Her boyfriend had made their own hunted wild boar for lunch. I had never had the steak of a boar before, only in sausage format, in Corsica. Was tasty! Especially the potato gratin...

So grateful to have found a house so near my sisters and other people I hold dear. And the fact that there is a train station ten minutes from our house that takes 1 hr to Gothenburg, and 2,5 hr to Stockholm for the ones that don't drive.

On the way back home in the afternoon, after driving around the country for two days. We missed the last exit in Southern Sweden! And "had to" take the bridge over to Denmark... C'est la vie, we thought. And as we anyway had planned to visit at least once before we moved to the house, we thought it would be a convenient opportunity to go out for dinner in Copenhagen.

Hi Copenhagen City Hall!

Of course as it was Sunday, all kitchens closed at 22.00... so after an almost two hour long walk, which was quite cosy albeit cold, we ended up at the first restaurant we had passed as we arrived from the parking house. The one we passed as we thought we would find something better haha... and despite not having eaten for many hours, I ended up only feeling for orange juice and a lemon sorbet in the end :)

Only a few weeks left to the move now. Some inspiration photos that keeps me dreaming...

21 weeks

pregnant woman home birth natural holistic

Time seems to run so fast. Feels like only a week or two ago we were in week 16. Half way gone now, probably a bit more. I can't help but love and admire the constant progress and physical changes. I feel I was made to do this, like it's the thing my body was just waiting to have me go through.

Having left the uncomfortable weeks of 7-10 far behind with its tiredness, nausea and the mental challenges of deciding whether to keep the baby or not, with someone I barely knew at the time, I have ever since then been feeling really good without any nausea. When my mind started to relax in the idea of this actually becoming reality, it appears as if the various physical burdens dropped as a result.

I don't have very many questions about the pregnancy. The information I look for is found out more from a curiosity perspective. I like reading about home birth stories, it has revealed such a contrast to how we have all our lives been told the birthing experience will feel like. We read them out loud here together in the evenings. Or he reads, I lay down next to him eyes closed envisioning the feelings, sounds, emotions of the day of meeting my child for the first time. Everyday feeling the process in, making it a part of me, much before it happens. Visualisation is so important.

I believe that we as human beings with our millions of years of gene development behind us, are born for certain things. Things that are crucially important for the growth and protection of our species. Being pregnant and giving birth is one such thing. The bodies we inhabit are made to master it so perfectly that there isn't any intervention needed. And no need to stress or worry about it. As the formula for making such a process run naturally and flawlessly has been written within our DNA from way back in ancient times. Exactly the way animals, all of them with smaller brains, just go for it when it is their time. No questioning. Just doing it. There is an immense amount of wisdom written within our gene composition on this subject. And I believe if we just relax into that understanding, it will all unfold exactly as it is meant to.

Surrendering to the experience is the most harmonious way I can think of. As with most things beautiful in life. Not letting the mind come in between. Letting it all unfold, step by step. Falling into place.

Besides feeling immensely grateful, I am a tad more tired in the evenings, may also be because I work a bit more than I have done in recent 12 months. Feeling energized and pumped to get as much done as I can before the babe arrives.

Due to pressure on my bladder I tend to run to the bathroom every 3 hours during most nights, which occasionally gives me a wacky sleeping pattern. My nose is runny in the nights too and I wake up each morning feeling stuffed up for the first 30 minutes of the day before I've blown, what feels like, my whole brain out. Much extra mucus seems to accumulate now that there are higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone circulating in my body. Those hormones increase the blood flow, also to the mucus membrane in the nose. Which then swell and soften, leading to a stuffy nose.

I love watching my belly grow. And my boobs fill up. Making them soft, round and heavy like never before. I admire how my body is changing to accommodate the growth of my child. It is such an intensely beautiful and mind blowing process. What women go through, to give life to every human being on the planet. I feel powerful in that, and that my life has suddenly connected to the truest purpose.

I spend time watching, touching and admiring my body. Feeling all of it for what it is. If there is a time in life for women to release any pressure on how they look and feel, it must be during these nine months. This is what we were made for. Not holding our bellies in and being concerned with our looks. But to let it all out while being grateful for every inch, for they are all there for a reason. 

My admiration for the human body and how beautiful it is, makes me feel silly about the meaningless pressure I have put on myself in the past. How could I ever have given so much meaning to belly fat or a couple tiny scars on my cheek. Such minuscule issues in contrast to what our bodies can create: A human life, with its own consciousness.

I recently read about another perspective on the concept of conception. We are born to believe in the idea that the egg is patiently awaiting the strongest sperm to penetrate her in order for a human being to begin taking form. An idea that fits into our modern, industrial lives full of competition and which I'm sure many, men in general, like to hold onto as a universal belief. But apparently this is not very correct biologically speaking, and this idea is just an old cultural myth that later turned into a scientific myth as they often do.

Apparently the sperm are weak swimmers, and the stronger ones help the weaker ones through the uterine mucous. Similar to the way that migrating birds or a team of cyclists take turns leading the way. As the sperm arrive at the egg, it is the egg that chooses the sperm and pulls it towards her. Making the process of conception more of a collaboration rather than a conquest. With the egg being in charge.

Definitely an idea I enjoy entertaining. There are many male-skewed beliefs and ideals that have perpetuated our history. It is obvious at least to me that the female body is made the most enduring and capable. Our precious, strong, beautiful bodies that create all life that exist, that have ever existed in the history of humanity. If women only believed in themselves more, and understood what immense power they possess. How our gentle nurturing qualities could save this world from so many disasters, if we weren't busy with all sorts of mindless distractions that have been brought upon us. And accepted by us.

I haven't changed my diet anything in particular except for added extra iron through Blutsaft. My cravings are oranges, the juicier the better. Clementines work well too. Anything that's moist and naturally sweet is golden. Also dying for a good vegetarian burger every now and then. In week 7-10 I was all into grilled chicken (never eat chicken normally) and meat burgers (very rarely eat meat otherwise). If my body then required meat due to iron deficiency perhaps, my body now seems to dig hydration and nourishment through healthier options. Again, I believe since my mind is calm, I, or my body, makes healthier choices as a result.

pregnant woman home birth natural holistic 3

We had our final 19 week scan the other week and chose to turn away our heads when the midwife checked so that the genitals were developing well. We don't want to find out the gender. It truly does not matter if it's a boy or a girl. I see massive and equal benefits and challenges with both. And I wouldn't want to miss out on that extra surprise moment at birth. The way women got to experience it back in the days.

I long for the actual birth like I've never longed for anything before. Cannot wait to experience the pain and the beauty of delivering my baby this side of the world. I know that many women fear the pain of labour but there isn't one bit of fear within me and I'm neither too interested in listening to any more painful horror birth experiences nor interested in any sort of pain relief. Except for massage, and hot water around my body in the form of a heated birthing pool or a bathtub.

I'm doing lots of mental work, and calm, deep breathing practice to make myself a friend with the pain that I may experience, so it won't arrive as the greatest surprise. And so that I may have a better chance to remain in a state of peace throughout the process.

Pain is such an important part of life. Going through painful moments is what brings you the best rewards. I'm rarely afraid of pain or hard work when needed. Rather I fear to not feel reality properly. I want my life to be lived raw and real, in all aspects. 

I remember when I was about to set sail around the world on a 35 foot boat with my ex. And people used to ask me if I was afraid, of storms and waves and being out there in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. And I honestly couldn't think of anything to be afraid of. It felt like the most natural thing to do. So many had crossed oceans before me. Boats are built to move graciously through water. Being alone out at sea with stars above your head and a rich sea life underneath your keel while having all the time in the world to contemplate life - that must be the most beautiful and fulfilling thing in the world, I thought.

Of course if I put my mind towards thinking of the half sunken containers that had fell off ships. And the slight possibility of us losing our keel to a supernatural power, well I could provoke within me a sense of fear for a moment. But why would I voluntarily bring that sort of stress to my mind.

The sail across the Atlantic ocean was one of the most interesting and challenging trips of my life and there was a moment during a storm with 45 knots of wind nearing 50, and 7-8 meter following seas that kept building and lasted a couple days where I felt a tad doubtful. But all I could do was bring myself back to the sense of trust that I began the journey with. The faith in the process, faith in the boat, faith in my partner and faith in myself.

Similarly I have faith in the pregnancy and the day of delivery. I know this is what I am meant to be doing. Billions of women have done it before me for millions of years. My body is technically mastered and perfectly shaped for this. It is preparing for it all day, everyday, even while I am not aware of it. There is nothing I need to do to make it work as it should. It is automatically wired within my system.

This baby also seems to arrive at the best age and time of my life, so there can be no doubt in me that the experience will be the most beautiful and fulfilling day of my life. Regardless of how long it takes or how much pain is involved. 

If pain is what I am supposed to feel in order to meet my child, I welcome that pain with all of my heart. There is no reason nor desire to numb the pain away. We aren't normally given more pain than we can deal with anyways, and I trust that belief also in this case.

As at any time in life, I believe it to be good practice for the mind to not invite stress. To instead focus on the things that bring you a good and harmonious feeling. We have nine months to familiarize ourselves with the baby and the pregnancy. I feel so connected to him or her already. Through the constant moving, pushing and kicking. The continuously growing love and devotion I feel for our family and the purpose we continue to shape. The plans and dreams we discuss. Through the daily conversations we have about raising our child. What values we hope to instil. How we want our home birth to unfold. She or he is already here with us, constantly making us into better people. Constantly making us ask ourselves the questions we need to have found true answers to. In order to best be able to serve, protect and guide our child.

As for names, we aren't thinking of nor planning any of it at this stage. We would first like to meet and get to know the new family member. Feels backwards to decide on a name before we have even met. We have no clue of how she or he looks and behaves and what energy will be brought into our world. I think a name may be more personal and meaningful when it is somewhat connected to the personality, or to an event connected to its birth. So until we know who it is my body has been shaping and creating over the nine moths, we won't know much more about him or her than what we can feel intuitively.

The only half-concern that sometimes crosses my mind, and not even very seriously: Is there enough space in there for my babe? It's funny that that is my only concern, as that is what is so very important to me in my own life too. To have adequate space to move and breathe. So not to feel claustrophobic or pressured.

I look forward to having the child on this side of the world, and give him or her all the room for expansion and growth as it needs. It may be our child, but it is also its own person with its own mission on earth. Important to give them all the love and strength they need and require. But equally important to also sit back and allow her or him to grow into whatever they need to, for its own individual development.

We don't own our children. They are their own.


Simplest meal in the universe

No but really. At least considering the nutritional value of this meal, which by the way is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, nut free etc etc and pretty much only contains pure h e a l t h. If you need a recipe name for it, it could favourably be called Chinese inspired stirfry with quinoa.

All you need is:

An onion, chopped
A couple finely chopped cloves of garlic
A few mushrooms, maybe 5-6, chopped and sliced, small pieces please
A couple handfuls of sliced cabbage
A red pepper or whatever colour you fancy
A handful or two of kale
Tamari soy sauce, 1 tbsp or so


Sauté the onion on low heat till translucent. Add the garlic. Leave them to soak in each others flavours and scents for some time. Add the mushrooms, cabbage and pepper. Leave it all to mingle for maybe 10-15 minutes on low heat. Pour in the tamari. Taste, add more if you like more flavour.

Prepare the quinoa in the meanwhile. I normally heat up a small pan on high heat with a dash of olive oil, half a teaspoon salt and half a teaspoon cumin. Mix it around so they blend well. Of course don't let this burn... Throw in 1 cup of quinoa, mix around for a bit so the quinoa gets a little toasted. You've got to be focused here so you don't end up burning things. Then add 3 cups of water. Boil up, then turn the heat down low. Let it simmer under lid until all water is evaporated. Maybe 10 minutes, maybe 12?

This is about the time your veggies are ready. Serve it all up and enjoy. Maybe with a bit of Sweet & Sour sauce on the side? Yes please!

Where it all begins

pomegranate health nutrition fresh

New Yorkers! The new Whole Foods in Bryant Park has installed the first ever Produce Butcher for your convenience. There you can bring your produce to a staff member who in a clean juice bar setting will chop up all your fruit and veggies exactly in the shape and form you desire, neatly packaged in plastic boxes. All to give you more time in life to....

produce butcher whole foods nyc

Seriously... What is it with all this distancing ourselves from everything and slowly accepting to turn us all into robots that can achieve so much more by doing less. Eventually we will all be so disconnected from reality that we will miss paying attention to how our blindness and hunger for convenience and efficiency is destroying this planet. Separating us from understanding how things and people are connected with each other. Wait a minute... that is already happening.

One thing I often come back to discussing with my clients is the importance of connecting with what we do. How to be present and appreciate the content of each minute and hour that has been given us. How to remove distortion and noise and make space for the things that makes us genuinely happy from the core. How to be mindful and clear eyed about the experiences we have. How to ask questions and understand things a little deeper. It is by offering full presence to everything and anyone we encounter that we can remain in balance. Physically as well as mentally.

It is so clear to me that most of the problems people encounter in their every day lives are the results of not being mindful, not paying attention to the little yet important details. And giving the less important aspects of life more meaning than they deserve. 

Food is an excellent example, as we simply cannot function without it. It is one of the only few things in life that is mandatory, life important, to each one of us regardless of anything else that seems to separate us. You cannot do any of the things you do everyday, if your body is not fed with food.

Yet looking at how we treat that very most important detail of our lives with such disconnectedness, it is no wonder the world looks the way it does. How can we truly understand and respect each other, if we do not understand nor respect ourselves. It is everybody's individual choice which food to ingest. Natural, organic and unprocessed, or the chemically treated versions that are more norm than exception these days. Whatever food choice you make, you cannot survive for very long without eating something. And I believe that hardcore fact of life deserves some extra mindfulness.

Understanding the process of how the food you eat ends up on your plate is a first step in connecting with that important source of life. Being involved in the process of delivering and serving it onto said plate removes an additional barrier in between yourself and that which keeps you alive. 

As part of the work I do, I guide my clients to become aware of why they eat what they do, how they go about getting it and what exactly they feed themselves and their family. I ask them to practice becoming present in the process of choosing ingredients, how to prepare them. From carrying it home, to storing it, chopping it and cooking it in the most mindful way. And then eating it with consciousness and gratitude. How often do you appreciate the ingredients that go into your meals? The shapes and colours, the scent and their texture. The way they were sown and harvested. The impact the weather had on their growing. How it was transported. How they react to touch and heat.

It may seem insignificant for people who claim to have too much on their plate, figuratively speaking. But having spoken to many people over the years and inquired about their struggles and adversities in life, it is clear to me that the ones who avoid connecting with the small details often end up falling victim for greater challenges and greater confusion. It is often the ones who claim to not have time for any meditative practice who need it the most. And it is remarkable how many setbacks and hardships that could have been avoided and that can be resolved by beginning from that very first, massively important step to being.

It probably sounds weird to some of you, but the more I understand food and the nature from which it originates, the more compassionate and forgiving I become to myself and others. Which in turn allow me to live and love with greater presence and harmony. A harmonious life lived in balance with what I believe in, is anyway all I truly desire. To breathe easy and move gently.

Let's always remind each other of taking that extra deep breath and connect, instead of adding to the separation. Of feeling, understanding and admiring the beauty and power of the things that give us life. I for one wouldn't want to be separate from it.


Being back in Sweden, I can't help but indulging in all things Swedish. I'm such a sentimental person. Food memories are my best memories. Childhood foods are currently high on my list of food desires, next to my only apparent strong preggo craving, sweet and juicy oranges...

Besides the occasional cheese indulgence, I try to not eat much dairy as my body doesn't resonate well with consumption of it. I believe we as human beings aren't really supposed to ingest cows or other animals milk to the extent we were taught as children, which is why so many have developed allergy to it. We can get our calcium and other necessary minerals from so many other sources, but without the physical and ethical downside of consuming milk. My milky choice nowadays is almost always organic oat milk, which is also what I use in these tiny pancakes.

For my American readers, these are the paper thin version, typically called Swedish pancakes. Not quite like your thicker counterpart. Most of us in Scandinavia grew up with these ones being a staple meal. In France they'd be called crêpes and be served with either savoury or sweet toppings, whereas in the Scandinavian countries we most often eat ours with simply jam. Strawberry is my jam of choice.

My dear (American) friend Michael outside of Boston, whose kitchen I worked out of during 2014 if some of you remember that part of my life, makes the best Swedish pancakes I've ever tasted. Not only has he perfected the art of flipping them right by practising it a million times for his catering clients who loves the Swedish crepe version (there's a technique to get them real thin, soft but not too soft, and perfectly crispy around the edges). But he also adds a few drops of Grand Marnier or triple sec in them, for that special orange flavour effect.

I didn't have either of them two on hand so I squeezed a bit of fresh orange in my batter today. Try these dairy free pancakes out, why won't you:

2,5 dl flour (choose buckwheat, or gluten-free flour mix of choice if you want to make them gf)
1/4 tsp salt
6 dl oat milk
3 organic free range eggs
1/2 dl organic margarine or (vegan) butter, melted
1/3 dl grand marnier, triple sec, any other orange flavoured liquor or fresh squeezed orange

Mix flour and salt. Pour in half of the milk, whisk to a smooth batter. Add remaining of the milk. Beat in the eggs, add the margarine/butter and squeeze in the orange juice. Heat a skillet or crepe pan and add a dollop of margarine or butter to it. Pour in a small amount of batter. Tip skillet to spread the batter into a thin layer all around; cook until lightly browned, 2 to 3 minutes. Flip pancake and cook until browned on the other side, 2 to 3 minutes more. Repeat with remaining batter.

It's important you use local, organic, free range eggs, as they are laid from hens that has the freedom to go outside. They eat natural organic feed and don’t receive vaccines, hormones and antibiotics. All which is found in "regular" eggs (as well as in non organic dairy) and those chemicals aren't very healthy for anyone to get in their system.

I have a few completely vegan pancake recipes I alternate with too, saving those for another time. What's your favourite way of eating pancakes?

Comfort food - Potato and leek soup

Such a great invention. Potato and leek soup. I grew up loving the subtle flavour combination of them two intermingled into a warm and finely puréed meal. The new addition of carrot, dill and thyme makes for such a good extra effect. Perfect either way, for cold winters days.

Ingredients needed:

4 tablespoons olive oil
6-8 medium sized potatoes, chopped into cubes
2 large leeks, sliced
2 carrots, peeled and sliced
1 litre veggie stock, liquid, or cubes + water (use a stock without msg and other unnecessary ingredients, I will show you the recipe for your own shortly)
1 teaspoon dried dill
2 teaspoons dried thyme
1-2 teaspoons sea salt (more to taste if needed)
1/2 teaspoons black pepper (more if needed)


Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add leeks and potatoes, and sauté for about 5 mins, stirring constantly. Add in carrots, thyme, salt, & pepper, and dill if using. Sauté for another 5-10 minutes. Add veggie stock and bring soup to a near boil. Reduce to low heat, cover pot, and simmer for about 45 minutes.

At the end of simmering, use a hand blender to purée the soup in the pot until you reach the desired level of smoothness. Taste and add more salt and pepper if necessary.
Garnish with fresh parsley or pumpkin seeds and a squirt of olive oil, or whatever you may fancy, and serve along side your favourite (gluten-free if you like) toast.