More morning energy

If you are like me and love porridge for breakfast sometimes, then there's an easy way to add more nutrients and make it even more powerful and nurturing for your body. Don't we just love that, finding ways to make something we already love, even better and healthier?

The easiest way to do this is to add some whole grains to the mix. The grains with their bran left intact. Oat bran (havrekli), is simply oats with the outer husk (skal) left on it. It contains about 50% more fibre and soluble fibre than regular oatmeal which is stripped off the husk.

Oat bran is really high in beta-glucan, a type of soluble fibre that helps lowering cholesterol if consumed on a daily basis. Half a cup (1 dl) of oat bran cereal contains 3g of beta-glucan and that is really helpful for the ones who are at risk of, or have experienced, heart disease.

Soluble fibre helps slow digestion and slowing the absorption of sugars into the blood stream, so it is helpful in stabilizing glucose/ blood sugar levels. It also has more protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, riboflavin, magnesium, and zinc, than what the plain oats have.

(( Saying this in Swedish so you all understand: Jo så att, det är hela grodden och kliet från havren, och andra gryn som korn, som du vill ha med i din gröt, eftersom det ger ett mycket högre kostfiberinnehåll än när man har tagit bort skalet på tex havren. Det här är speciellt gynnsamt för de som kämpar med höga kolesterolvärden eller har/haft hjärtproblem, eftersom ett vattenlösligt fiber som kallas betaglukaner finns i fullkornet, och det hjälper till att stabilisera blodsockernivån. Endast vanliga havregryn är fantastiskt också så klart, men det hela havregrynet med skal och allt, är 50% mer effektivt. Betaglukaner finns främst i havre och korn, men även i jäst och annan svamp.))

I like adding a special mix of 4 different grains and their bran to my morning oats. The organic one from Swedish Saltå Kvarn contains bran of oats, barley, rye and wheat. The bran are cut in pieces, and no part of the grains are removed. I do approximately 60% regular gluten free organic oats, and mix this with 40% of this 4 grains bran mix. Not only does it increase the health benefits, but it also gives off a nutty and crunchy flavour and texture to my porridge. Really like that very much.

Blueberries, dates and oat milk. A teaspoon of raw honey in there too. I like mixing in the honey just as you remove the porridge off the stove. Not earlier, as the healthy nutrients in honey have a tendency to disappear when heated too high.

Nutty and crunchy and ooh so delicious.... the whole grains are a bit tougher to cook than regular oatmeal without the husk. So I use to cook this mix on a very low heat for maybe 30, sometimes 45 minutes. Stirring frequently. You could also leave the whole grains/brans soaking in water overnight and add them in at the end of cooking regular oats in the morning.

I cook my oats and whole grains in water, with a dash of cardamom and a pinch of salt. Then adding honey and more flavouring at the end.

How to achieve your goals

A necessity all throughout my life, has been to write things down. Goals and dreams. It has helped me get clarity of where I'm heading. To see what I need to get done. It has helped keep myself in line.

I write lists for things I need to do. For things I want to achieve in the next few months or the year. There has been lists written about my future dream partner. About who I am now, and who I want to become. Financial calculations on how I aim to survive once I make that new move in life. I've created vision boards with inspiring images that I have kept as desktop images on my laptop. Sometimes I have even drawn a picture of myself, with thought bubbles coming out of me with the various things I would want to attract into my life. When I've been locked up in a situation that I wasn't happy in, I wrote lists on how I would like to live and feel instead.

Pretty much everything that I have ever dreamed of, have always first been written down in a power point presentation or in a notebook, before I have received and achieved them. I credit much of my good flow in life to my plans and my vision boards. This is not to say that I haven't met complications and obstacles in my life. We always do. But when having goals and wishes typed down and when a challenge occurs, the intentions you have made will help you dodge the challenge with much more ease. Somehow I tend to not believe in the challenge as much as I believe in my goal, and therefore the challenge doesn't become as much of a deal in my mind. This has continuously helped me refocus on what it is that I want to be doing/achieving/receiving. Despite the occasional bump on the road.

Writing down your goals inevitably makes you more optimistic.

There is research that shows that we are 42% more likely to achieve our goals if we write them down. Because we are getting specific. Thoughts are no longer just thoughts. As they are typed out they are instantly much easier to believe in. As soon as I have written something down and by having been specific about what it is that I want to achieve, my mind instantly places me on a path towards those goals. The words I type solidifies the intention and somehow my mind begins to believe in them becoming reality, much faster.

I'm a firm believer that we can get almost anything we want, done. That the biggest limitation and hindrance to our dreams always will be the counterproductive thoughts that we foolishly allow in our minds. I believe fully in the power of intention, call it the law of attraction if you will. Which for me means that by focusing all your being on the things that you want, you will eventually end up pretty near, and sometimes exactly spot on, the desired outcome.

Likewise, if there are things happening in your life right now that are not that pleasing, or if your situation is far from where you wish to go, you must find a way of taking your attention away from those unwanted things. Steer your mind, focus and route of life towards that which you wish to see happening. Rather than dwelling on that all too familiar path that you know for sure won't lead you to your dreams. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

Focusing on resistance, the obstacles will only get stronger. Almost as if you are inviting the complications. Focusing on the positive outcome you wish to attract into your life, will put you on a straighter course towards it.

The dreamy view from where I sit in the above image.

The dreamy view from where I sit in the above image.

So, the first step:

Get a new beautiful notebook and a nice new pen. Somehow writing things down by hand seems to be more powerful than typing on a computer. You are putting a bit more conscious effort in using your personal sense of writing rather than typing buttons. For maximum effect, write the whole thing down later on in your computer too. The more times you repeat your intentions, the stronger the power will work.


Say a little mantra to yourself as a birthing ritual for this new book. Something like: "What I will write in this book, are things I truly believe I can achieve. I am worthy of all my dreams and desires. No dream is too big or too bold." Write your mantra out on the first page of your book.

Continue on to the following page, writing down your dreams or goals. Be as specific as you can. The more details you can get in there, the clearer the wish and the more specific the outcome.

For example, if you want to spend your life with a good man, don't just write: I want to find a good man who treats me right. But write: I want to find an intelligent, ambitious, free thinking, passionate, caring, loving, supportive, committed, authentic man who values family, nature, good food and who is solid and also quite a bit taller than me, please thanks :)

Or, if you want to lose 10 kilos of weight, instead of saying: I want to lose 10 kilos, write: I want to lose 10 kilos in the next four months and I intend doing it by cutting down on sugar and completely stop eating bread. I can do this!

The key here is: be specific.

Do this every day:

As you wake up, read your mantra, followed by all the dreams and goals you've outlined. Look at the vision board if you've done one. And imagine you already having achieved or gathered whatever it is that you dream of. You must feel your dreams as if they have already materialized into your life. Being optimistic and believing in their existence is mandatory. Visualize these thoughts and wishes as often as you can.

If you are a person who normally tends to be a bit pessimistic and afraid of dreaming too big, of asking for too much, it will take you some time to get used to this new way of thinking optimistically about something that clearly seems so far from your current reality. But the only thing you really need to do is put in the work and practice.

Practice in trusting yourself, trusting your dreams, trusting in your future of more fulfilment, abundance and joy.

As you begin to imagine, visualize and verbalize your new story and your new life, in time you will begin to believe that new story. And when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. 

Life doesn't want you to be afraid. Life wants you to experience it fully and with as much authentic connection as you can bring forth. You deserve all the best. All you need is to trust the process. And of course work your way forward.





All will work out, if only you let it.

Carrot coriander soup

This is just one of the most delicious soups ever. The sweetness from the carrot blends so well with the tangy flavour of coriander, and there's a little extra depth added by the potato. Although I know that some of you do not like coriander, so you could always replace it with fresh parsley. That's a super yummy gluten free bread I had this soup served with. Have finally found the best recipe, coming up soon.

But back to the soup. You need a bunch of carrots of course, and fresh coriander, or parsley if you wanna go that route. Let me take you through it step by step. And it's so easy too... my favourite term when it comes to cooking.... easy. Easy cooking. Easy going. Easy life.

For 4 people, or 2 very hungry ones.

Olive oil
1 chopped onion
2 cube chopped potatoes
5-6 cube chopped carrots
2 garlic cloves, optional
1 bunch of coriander
1 litre water
1 tsp ground turmeric, or fresh grated
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp salt, and more to taste

Heat oil in a large pot. Add onion and sauté until translucent, 10 mins or so on low heat I'd say. You don't want onion to burn so best is to always sauté it on low heat. You do have the time. No need to rush. Now add garlic if you opt for it. Then in with the cubed potatoes and carrots, and mix well. Add the salt, spices and coriander at this time. Mix mix mix. Pour water on it. Increase the heat and bring to the boil, then reduce it back down to medium heat and cook until carrots and potatoes are tender.

When that's done, move the pot off the stove and mix it all well with a hand blender. Or transfer the soup into a food processor if that's what you're using. Add more water if the soup gets too thick. Add more salt or spices if you want more flavour. Reheat again before serving.

Sprinkle some yummy sesame seeds on top, maybe a squirt of fresh lemon.

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and dietary fibre. They also help lower blood pressure and fight free radicals. So try to get as much sesame seeds, sesame oil or sesame paste into your diet as you can.

Hope you enjoy!


Being back home in the country where I grew up, after ten years of living abroad, I can't help but want to visit all my childhood places and eat all the childhood foods. Reminiscing about my earlier life. Connecting present to my past. Especially meaningful now that I'm soon becoming a mother, and the circle of life continues.

Shrimp sandwiches are a wonderful yummy treat that is typical to Sweden, especially on the West coast were I grew up. So one day I googled "bästa räksmörgåsen i västra götaland" (best shrimp sandwich in the region), and found that it could be found in the town in these photos, Gränna.

Gränna is a place I also have fond memories of. We used to go to this historical town with our primary class on a bus journey (sometime between the ages of 8-12), as an end of season/pre summer trip, before the long summer holiday.

The shrimp sandwiches there were obviously amazing. Home baked bread slathered with mayonnaise, a thick layer of fresh salty hand-shelled shrimp from the west coast, boiled slices of egg, tomato, cucumber, salad, dill and lemon. Almost impossible to fail with that master combo, when ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Here's a good recipe for it if you want to try it at home.

The view from the café, overlooking lake Vättern, and the island of Visingsö.


Swedish food has gotten great reviews from this Brit. Smörgåstårta, pancakes, meatballs and mash with lingonberry jam, råkost, blueberry soup, the many various crispbreads, herring, småkakor, rye bread, skagenröra, äppelmust, potato gratin, liver paté, gravad lax, fika... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The early spring flower Vitsippa, or wood anemone, bloomed like a galaxy of stars on the forest floor.

Of course no visit to Gränna is complete without a stop at one of the candy factories that the town is so famous for. The famous red and white stick candy called Polkagris, was originally founded and made here, by a widow called Amalia Eriksson, in 1859.

Ooooh I know you....

and you and you and you....

Perfect place for someone who tries to stay away from sugar!

Actually, we have implemented a sugar free zone in our home as of ten days ago. I always pride myself with having no addictions. No coffee, no TV series, no news reading/watching. But sugar is probably the only hard thing for me to stay away from. Haven't had any in ten days now though. And really, it's just an idea in the mind and the mind isn't that hard to master. If we really put our focus on it. I can either give in for an unconscious childlike craving each time I pass the monstrous lösgodis (loose candy) section at the super market, or I can walk past it pretending I never really liked the sugary unhealthy artificial temptations anyway. Becoming better at the latter every time...

Monday morning

Good morning and welcome to a new day of your life!

Your Mondays may look slightly different to mine. But it can still be considered a great symbolic day to begin things fresh and new.

I have lived outside of the typical wheel of society for quite a few years now. Half a decade on water, a year on a small island in the Mediterranean, and now enjoying a comfortable peaceful pregnancy on my own terms. These life choices that I have made, were always based on putting my life, my health, my happiness, my exploration of the world and myself first, and were never based on rules or conforms of society.

I have occasionally unconsciously dipped back into the world of illusion, old ingrained habits take time to unlearn fully, especially since most other people around you still live by them. But I have somehow always found myself back on track to what I believe in. It's been a learning process. And my new ideals are growing and expanding by the day.

Due to these years of living outside of the norm, there is for each year a growing distance between myself and the system. I simply cannot relate to it any longer in ways I may have done 6-7 years ago.

One good example of this is from when I was working extra for 2-3 months in a super market in Malmö earlier this year. I was cooking and demonstrating good healthy food for customers, and during some days I jumped into the deli section next door. Slicing and selling cheeses and cold cuts was a job I had in my late teens just after I had jumped out of college, so it wasn't unfamiliar to me. On one of the last weeks of working there earlier this year, I cut myself on the slicer. I chopped off approximately 0,5 cm of the tip of my fingertip. It bled like crazy obviously, and I told the manager that I would need to take the following week off as I wanted to heal my finger by natural means. Not cover it with bandage and close it inside a plastic glove just for the sake of going back to work. "A whole week?!" - she said. "People here go back to work the same day they have cut themselves. This happens all the time!"

I remember this happening quite similarly some eighteen years ago, I chopped off a good chunk of my finger, and I did then go back to work the day after I had been to the doctor. All covered up in thick bandage and many plastic gloves on top of each other to keep water away. The difference this time around, was that I have over the years cultivated both a sense of respect for natural healing, and I have reshaped my mindset into prioritizing my own health, happiness and peace of mind at the very front-line of my life. Making money should never be the first priority. I should never be in a position where I let money dictate the conscious decisions that I have to be able to make. Being right according to institutional or societal rules or conforms mean nothing to me, if they aren't playing by the healthy common sense principles that I have created for myself.

I have over the years also developed a greater sense of self respect. I know where I can draw my lines, and I'm feeling powerful in knowing that there is nobody that should and could be able to bend my boundaries by trying to make me feel guilty. So I told the manager; "I will call you when the finger is healed."


This is the way it looked after it stopped bleeding that same evening. The finger tip was cut off so there wasn't anything to stitch back. And no way I would put a bandage on it which would only delay the healing process and potentially even create infection. Plus working in an environment that involved soaking things in water. No matter how many plastic gloves on, it just wasn't what I wanted to involve in the healing process of my finger. I decided to clean it well, let it dry out and let it breathe during the following days, in order to help it heal faster.

Beautiful watching the open wound close itself more each day. Just like rings on a tree my body naturally healed one thin skin layer after another. And finally within the next seven or so days it was completely closed, albeit still sensitive to touch for the next few weeks. These two photos are taken a week after the accident. Which is more or less when I went back to work.

A minor thing to make a deal out of you may think. But it follows a core principle of mine. Which is that I set the rules for my health, life and happiness. Nobody else can be allowed to have that power.

It was a good period for me to work there, I had not worked in Sweden for many years prior to this. I needed to get out and socialize and create confidence in speaking to people again after having lived as a hermit for quite some time. And a good opportunity for me to speak about topics of my interest, in Swedish this time! Also the extra money was welcome while I re-established my new business online. I had set aside three months for that job, and then be back to fully, but consciously and slowly, working on my own thing, the Health Coaching, for the remainder of the pregnancy. I wanted the last three months of pregnancy to be all about connecting to nature of the new place that we have found here in the countryside. Wanted to spend quality time with my partner who also works from home. Wanted to be able to feel the pregnancy process for what it is. And to work part time on my laptop, on the days I felt the motivation and desire to do so.

Being at peace and moving through the pregnancy process as harmoniously as we possibly could, was/is priority #1.

There is an understanding in modern culture that we are to work long hard hours to be dutiful citizens. People are praised by being ambitious and hard working, someone that sacrifices her health, sleep, peace of mind and family time on being productive. People do anything to climb the ladder, they sell and promote just about anything to get up there to the top.

The endless hustle of working, consuming, sleeping little and all on repeat at least five days a week - is a life philosophy that most people buy into without questioning it. It is, of course, a philosophy that is created and perpetuated by the industries, and the banks and the system as a whole who benefit and profit from having as many individuals hooking up their lives to this sort of robot-like industrial behaviour.

And of course, being able to buy the newest gadgets, the newest fashion, the nicest cars, decorate the house in beautiful interior pieces, eating out at the trendiest places and travelling to many different places, you do need a good amount of funds. The question is, why are those things needed in the first place? Are the sacrifices you make to get all of that which you spend your money on, worth it?

At the base of the system which has turned human beings into money making machines, there has been created the concept of trends. Which in turn have made people addicted to carrying a specific image, that essentially requires of the person to constantly be up to date with the latest. It is the illusion of self expression that lays at the foundation for this systematic non-conscious behaviour. People have been lured into believing that you are a powerful self expressing human by buying yourself an image. A very interesting documentary series to watch on this subject is The Century of the Self. It shows how, in the 50's and forward, psychoanalysts were employed by the different industries to find weaknesses in human beings, in order to make them addicted to their products and the concepts and lifestyles that most people live by today. You can watch the whole series in its full length here:

Magazines, newspapers and the various industries hold a grip on peoples consciousness and lives by offering them the essential pieces and advice to make people believe that they are in charge of their lives, when it is the same conceptual unconscious behaviour that drives most human beings. Regardless of what sort of job they have, or where they see themselves in terms of relational hierarchy of others.

Real self expression is finding out what drives you internally and soulfully, not materially nor through a desire to be seen in a certain way. Cutting out the distractions that blinds you from your real self, is a good first step in exploring this. As is questioning the very world and system that you live within. So many people feel that they have more to give to life than that what they do today. That there must be something more to life than the concepts they have accepted as norms. And there is! So much more. A part of your awakening is to let go of all that you have earlier believed in, and begin to ask yourself new questions. Allowing yourself to become vulnerable.

Accepting life and the rules of society at face value, often has people developing a sense of feeling lost and confused. People get sick or feel meaninglessness. They create unhealthy addictions and behaviours. That is not being fair to oneself. That is not living life true to ones beliefs.

A few questions you can ask yourself today, that may be helpful in beginning to uncover some truths:

- What are the most meaningful things in my life?

- If I were to die next week, how would I spend my last days?

- If I had to give away everything I owned, what five things would I keep from my home?

- Which people do I value truly, and do I express my love and gratitude to them enough?

- In what environment do I feel most at peace/where do I let go of all musts and duties and fully relax?

- Why am I not living in such an environment today?

- What real significance does the latest five-ten things that I bought have?

- Could I live without them?

- What is the reason I bought them?

- Are they really that nice/good looking/purposeful?

- If I could retire tomorrow, how would I spend my days?

My purpose of writing all this is not to say: you spend money on things you don't need, you have conformed to the rules of society so you are doing it wrong. There is no judgement. Most people I know do not live exactly the way I have chosen to do it. What I want to offer is hopefully some new ideas and ways to think about life. So that you can better question the existence you live within and the life you've chosen, in order to live life a little more consciously.

My life is getting better and richer by the day, and that is to a big degree thanks to my ever curious desire to get to the essence of things. Of getting to know myself and the world beneath all the layers that perpetuates society.

I would never gamble away my chance of being true to myself. Nothing feels as good as being at peace with all of your choices.

Sweet and juicy

What have my cravings been so far?

Anything sweet and moist. Oranges have been my best friends this pregnancy. Especially during week 12-25 more or less. Now that the Southern European water melons are coming in and taste delicious, those are good for variety.

Can't get enough if it. I suspect that vitamin C is what my body is looking for. And to stay hydrated. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, and that's something the body needs quite some of when producing a child. Especially during the weeks I mentioned above when the baby's important organs are developing. Mad to think that my body is creating a child, a whole human being. And that I barely need to do anything for it to be produced. Just gonna keep eating my yummy fruits...

Other things I really love right now: Proviva's blueberry soup with probiotics, the one without sugar. Bananas. Pomegranate, like always. And blueberries in anything you can put blueberries in.

Then I've gotten into a slight cleaning obsession..... more about that another time.

Morning meditation - gratitude

Mornings are the best times of the day to gain access to the pure stream of connection to your higher non-physical self. You know that part of you who knows what's right and who does things out of love and ease. The one who's got your back feeding you with intuition and self love when you are not too occupied to pay attention.

Your physical being on the other hand, the body vessel that you are incarnated as in this lifetime, the persona you have drafted on to suit your surroundings, is often lost in the daily struggle of challenges. It's rushing to get on time here and there, have time for a thousand and one duties, you get irritated when things don't go your way, and you pay way too much time listening to the negative thoughts in your physical mind.

Before getting out of bed and before you again enter into the physical reality of that earth creature persona, it is wise to lay still in bed, just a little bit longer, while your mind is still clear and empty - and connect to the purity and ease of the non-physical world.

Instead of beginning to contemplate what you have to do and when, what people you have to deal with and how, which challenges that most probably will come your way and what and how you will respond to them. Instead of all this junk and drama, relax yourself into a place of stillness and gratitude. Think of all the beautiful things that your life consists of. Think of all the good people you get to share your life with. Think of their qualities. Think of the plans you have for the summer. The places you get to see, the things you get to experience. The lessons you will learn today, and how they will make you grow. Navigate yourself into a place of satisfaction, where there is no need nor space for that which makes you feel uneasy.

In the beginning of doing this practice, your mind will inevitably keep jumping back onto the thoughts that you think you have to deal with, the things you think you have to solve, the things you think need your immediate attention. Each time this happens, consciously bring your self back into the calm and good state of being. You'll soon see that it's all about getting in charge of your mind. Because it's all fabricated in there. You and the energies/thoughts you have sent out, have created the very existence that you live within. It's paramount for you to learn and trust in this, in order to get to live your life fully. All of us can be misguided, it's a practice you have to remind yourself of.

There is so much in life to be grateful for. When you operate out of a place and sense of joy and gratitude, everything around you will ease up and feel less complicated to deal with. You'll soon realize how effortless little things appear before you. How accessible the things you've desired begin to materialize into your life. And it's all thanks to you shifting frequency from the negative to the positive. From becoming conscious of your thoughts, instead of letting them run rampant.

Do this practice every morning. You will feel good already on the first day, but begin to see its real effects within a week or two. It is also helpful if you end your days with the same practice. Lay in bed at night and count your blessings. Think back on the day and remind yourself of all the good that happened, and visualize what good you will get to experience tomorrow and in the future.

It's 5.59 am here and these are the things I am grateful for in this very moment:

- The glorious sunshine that I get to wake up to in the mornings. Sun wakes me up already around 4.30. I don't want to sleep with blinds as I don't have any times to keep or nowhere to go. So I appreciate the early morning wake up call by the sun streaming in through the windows. If needed, I'll nap in the day for a few hours. Which I am also grateful for. Love a good midday nap.

- The house that we live in. The calm nature, and the vintage style of it. We are renting it for the summer only, but it offers us great inspiration for how we would like to build our own home when we get a house, hopefully next year when we are back in Sweden.

- Our travel plans. Starting in September. I daily visualize this trip and the ease with which we will roam the world the three of us. Bristol, London, California, Indonesia and Japan are some of the travel wishes for the upcoming autumn/winter.

- The work that allows us to work from anywhere that we can connect to wifi. The freedom this gives us, and the places we get to stay and see thanks to this flexibility.


- The closeness to my Swedish family and friends who we have had the chance to see much of this spring already. I haven't lived in Sweden for so many years so I feel spoiled having all of them so near now.

- June will not only be the birth month of our child, but it will also contain lots of wonderful family time with both our Finnish and British families visiting.

- The pregnancy - how easy and good it has felt for most parts. How right it feels, after all. How made for this that I feel that I am. How much I already love being a mother. It has already changed me, and I can only imagine how much more it will make me grow once the baby has popped out. So grateful that the baby will be born in this harmonious environment.

- The freedom of being able to be naked or near to naked, outdoors as well as indoors. I'm not a fan of clothes, especially now that I'm pregnant. I like to wear as little as possible at all times. It makes me feel less restricted and more free. So the spring/summer warmth that has just arrived is finally letting me be just the way I am. And being able to walk barefoot and feel the grass and earth beneath my feet... all of it makes me feel free.

- The sweet and colourful fruit and vegetables that we brought home yesterday, which offer us days of nourishing meals and snacks.


- The seedlings we have cultivated over the past few months and which we put out into the ground yesterday. The nurturing food that these will bring us over the summer and which will be shared with many people we love.

- The bathtub that we just got installed in the shower room, and the possibilities of bathing with opened doors to nature and hear birds singing while contemplating life from that very tub.

- Did I say the sunshine? The original source of life. The energy and inspiration it gives me. The freedom it offers with its warmth. I can't be grateful enough to it.

I have realised that my life is much better and positive things fly much more smoothly into my existence, when I consciously began listening inwards and when I consciously began to remove the distractions that weren't needed. When I simplified, and truly began seeing and appreciating the little but most relevant things in life, my life became so much easier.

I hope you will find many beautiful things in your life that you are grateful for today.