Healthy version of sausage and mash

If it was 1995, this would probably have been a plate with mash and sausages on top. Probably a good squirt of ketchup on it too. Luckily I'm an adult now and can educate myself and make sustainable and healthy food choices. This is my 2017 version of sausage and mash potatoes:

For 2-3 people

Oven roasted carrots:

5-7 carrots
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp thyme

Clean your carrots and slice them lengthwise in four or six pieces. In an oven pan; pour olive oil, salt and herbs. Add carrot sticks and mix all together with your hands. Making sure to cover all of the carrots with the oily mixture. Put into the oven at 200 C for about 30 minutes. Make the mash in the meanwhile.

Leek and garlic mash:

5-7 potatoes
1 small leek or 1/2 of a large one.
3 garlic cloves
salt & pepper & nutmeg
1 tbsp olive oil
1 dl butter - 1/2 cup
1/2 dl oat milk - 1/4 cup

"I live by the belief that consuming a little dairy sometimes is better than too often. Most days I go without it completely, other days I like splurging by adding organic butter or organic cheese from grass fed cow or goat into meals. This way I appreciate it much more, considering the environmental and animal welfare impact it has to consume them. Both my body and mind feel much better when I'm not overdoing animal products. I almost never buy animal milk and instead opt for a plant milk when milk is needed. Organic cultured yoghurt every once in a while, although better option is to get the much needed probiotics from sauerkraut and other fermented foods. Finding your golden balance to what feels best for you is important. As long as you are aware of what you're doing and what impact it has."
"I never peel my potatoes before cooking them. There is lots of fibre and minerals in the potato peel that is a shame to waste. Just wash them and cut off any bad parts. When using organic or home grown produce, there isn't the same risk of getting chemical contamination, which makes it ok to leave the nutrient rich peel on. Same for carrots."

Clean your potatoes and chop up in small cubes. Put in a pot with water, a teaspoon of salt, and leave to cook on medium heat for approx 15-20 min. I like cooking gently at lower heat rather than high. This keeps more nutrients, and there is also nothing wrong with under-cooking vegetables and keeping them a bit firmer, while this also helps preserve more nutrients in them. While the boiling is happening, turn on a sauté pan on medium heat. Add olive oil and finely chopped leek, the green parts as well as the white. Sauté for a bit, add in chopped garlic. Salt and pepper. Turn down to low heat and cook until soft. Mix often and make sure not to burn the leek or the garlic.

When your potatoes are done, remove water out of the pot. Add in the butter and mash with a hand masher. At least that's what I like using. This way you'll keep a bit of lumps and texture to the mash which is nice I think. Mix in the warm leek and garlic into it as well. A bit of milk. Mix in nutmeg, and more salt and pepper if needed. Leave under lid till your carrots are done.

Caper sauce:

1/2 dl capers - 1/4 cup
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp oat milk or milk of your choice

Use the same pan that you used for the leek and garlic, to not waste any of the good flavours. Medium heat in the pan, add olive oil. Then mayonnaise, some oat milk, and lastly the capers. Mix well. When the carrots are done in the oven, take the herbal oil from the bottom of the pan and pour this into your sauce for even more flavour. Mix again.

Place the mash on the centre of the plates. Pour a bit of sauce around it, and place the oven roasted carrots atop. Sprinkle garden fresh parsley on if you'd like. Serve with a crispy salad.

Eco friendly nappies

Got the organic reusable nappies but no baby yet. Did you know that it takes a regular diaper/nappy about 500 years to break down and fully decompose? And that each child that wears regular disposable diapers, contributes to 1-2 tonnes of waste to landfill over their lifetime.

The plastic, synthetic polymers and chemically treated cotton that the regular disposable nappies are made of aren't only harsh and unnatural on your baby's bum, but they also contaminate our ground water.

I'll tell you again in a few months, but I definitely like being connected with what I use and the waste I create. And being conscious and constantly curious about how we can waste less. We're planning on going with these washable ones for most part, and have eco-friendly and biodegradable disposable ones as option for travel.

These ones come from Popolini, an Austrian brand. Have heard they're real good. Will tell more in a few weeks.

How I decided on having a baby - after never really wanting them in the first place

I got an email question from a reader:

Hi Taru,

Congratulations on your inspiring website. Reading your post feels like a nice cup of tea by the fireplace, and I've been following your adventures for many years now.
I have a personal question, so no worries if you don't reply. It's about age.
Like you, I've been travelling the world for many years. I have a great job which makes me travel even more. I have a wonderful partner, soon to be husband, to travel with. I just turned 34, and I'm struggling : enjoy freedom a bit more, but take the risk of having difficulties getting pregnant? Or start now the baby chapter, worrying about our future freedom. 

I know everybody says once you have your baby it's so amazing you don't care about travelling. But I wanted to ask you, with your mind, your feeling about it.. if you feel like sharing it, privately of course. 

Thank you in advance. And I wish you all the best for your new adventures :)

Thanks Mel for a lovely email and a great question. So.... I can give you an answer now, and may have to give you another one a few months in, post-baby. I'm still so new to this, wanting children has never really been a life long desire of mine. But one thing I do know for certain, which I want to begin with, is that getting kids does not have to equal: loss of freedom.

I think one of my dislikes regarding parenting in the past, was that I looked around me and saw most people parenting and raising children almost in the exact same ways. It seemed so boring to me. First build a career, then getting kids, changing car to a child friendly version, registering with daycare, buying the pram of the year, equipping a nursery and kids rooms, getting them a nice wardrobe, hanging out with other parents with kids in the same age, going to the park, picking up at daycare or kindergarten, getting kids to eat whatever the parents eat, cleaning up a chaotic home full of Lego and toys, arguing with the kids about when to go to sleep, what to eat, how to dress....

Ugh... looking at life with children in this way just wasn't what I wanted. Then eventually, after finding my own personal way of living, after moving further and further away from the stereotypical patterns and templates that society has created for how we should be living, I suddenly realised that life with kids does not have to be lived that way at all. That is not me. So if I would ever get the chance to create my own family, that wouldn't be how we would live. I would continue travelling and making sure we all were free. I would most probably homeschool so not to lock us into a squared lifestyle. I wouldn't buy into all the stuff that must be bought for a child or do all the things that everyone else does, because, there are no musts. Kids don't come here with a set of requirements that we must fulfil. It is our squared industrial society that has created the norms that people follow. A child will live the way the parents live, so it isn't that hard to create your own personal family life. Just the way you want it to be and feel like.

I thought much about kids and raising a child during the years that I was out sailing. I was curious about the concept. Most of my friends, sisters and brothers had started to have them. But even if I had begun to realise that I would do it quite differently, I still couldn't justify losing my freedom. The same way that you probably may be thinking now.

My real desire to get a child really only started when I left the US in the end of 2015. I was 33,5 then. Had just broken up from a six year long relationship. And suddenly I realised what else had held me back. The choice of partner wasn't right. The timing wasn't right. My long relationship had given me exactly what I had wanted when I went into it. It gave me all the lessons and challenges that I needed (not saying the relationship was an easy one, but it taught me more than I could have ever dreamed of). We were good for each other in so many ways. Both through the positive and the negative challenges. But getting kids together wasn't what we were made for. The specific life chapter with him was for something else, and it had ended now. Life had to move on. And with that new change, a sudden desire to raise a family appeared in my consciousness. As if that was my life's greatest new mission.

I remember when I had just flown back home from America to Europe. This was after 5 years of living on a sail boat and travelling half way round the globe. And after 6 years in a relationship that no longer was super great. I was so immensely happy to be back home. So indescribably happy with the fact that again, the whole world lay at my feet. Anything could happen. You know that wonderful feeling of freedom and excitement that comes out of leaving something behind that has held you back for a long time?

Moving to Greece was part of my new plans and I was crazily excited for it. All the adventures I would be having. All the creative work I would be able to put into establishing my new business. The health coaching, and the B&B and retreat centre that I was about to set up over there. But what surprised me was how accepting I suddenly was to the thought of myself becoming a mother, the desire had properly begun to creep up on me.... so super weird. I even told a few friends of mine: I think I'm going to get pregnant this year. With a Greek man? - they asked. No! Nothing wrong with Greeks. I just knew it wasn't with an islander it would happen.

I laid quite low, but I dated a couple people (no Greeks, and not at the same time :) during those coming 7-8 months before I met this wonderful person that I today live and make babies with. They both were great! We had a lot of fun! But they were no long term relationship partners (aka baby daddy material). I'm sure for others, but not for me.

If I in the past had chosen my long term partners for, yes love, trust and all that, but more towards the thrill of a great adventure - my priorities now had been shifted to be with someone even more solid. Someone who would potentially want to raise kids in the same free way that I wanted to. Someone who wanted to travel the world and saw no problems in doing that with a child along for the ride. It had to be someone who wasn't afraid to be vulnerable. Someone who was keen on self development. Someone who I would always be able to rely on. Someone with character and integrity. Someone who didn't prioritize drinking and partying. Someone self reliant, who loved his own company, and someone that is freely able to mentally, and physically move about in this wonderful maze of life. You get the point? I was essentially looking for the perfect man. And they don't exist!

Until one day. In fact, the same day that I had sent my current date a message saying; listen, this just won't work any more. That exact same day, a stranger contacted me asking me how life in Greece was, and what was the name of that kite surfing school I spent so much time at.

Oh such a boring pick up line..... All my life I had been used to direct talk. I craved and needed people who spoke straight. Think I've never fallen for a man who's been too nice with his words. Raw and direct was what always had worked on me in the past. This guy was good looking and seemed to live a decently interesting life. But he was very different to me (I thought). Too polite. He seemed too organized. Too..... likeable? The thing that saved it, what later made me decide on meeting with him either way, was that he had sent me that message on the same day that I was feeling a bit down and low for breaking up with that other date. Oh lord, it was a sign from universe wasn't it. Whatever it would lead to (and I definitely had no babies in mind at this stage), I could feel that I had some lessons to learn from this guy.

I had left America with a strong intention: Do not be afraid of the unknown. Lessons will come when you least expect them. Absorb it all and don't get stuck in old behavioural thinking. In order to grow, you need to explore life outside old patterns.

So I guess I gave it a chance. And after only a few weeks of seeing him, I apparently got pregnant :O

How irresponsible? But truth is, I would have never let it happen if I wouldn't have felt that he could be the perfect man to raise a family with. I wasn't consciously aware of it quite yet. But my subconscious must have known the truth. I could either stand in my own way (the same way I would have stood in my own way if I would have not given him a chance the first time he contacted me), or trust that universe had a greater plan for me.

It's been such a new world to me... Trusting fully and completely in whatever was thrown at me (in this case, a man that was so different to what I would normally look for). For the first time in my life, I decided to try to not control the progress and outcome. Which often only limits our possibilities. Instead I let go, and decided to trust that there was a greater meaning in this. This man is special in so many ways. Weirdly special I thought at first. There were lots of confusion to navigate and barriers to break through for us to get as close as we are today. Being completely open and supportive of each others growth has been mandatory from the day we decided to head on with the baby plans. Through getting to know him slowly, by him becoming more comfortable with me and by being himself, I realised that he actually was exactly the person that I had looked for all along. I just couldn't see it at first.

I feel free now in a way I have never done before. And I'm saying that with a baby in my stomach. So I guess freedom is what you make it. You can do things in your own unique ways. You certainly don't have to follow any rules. And I think that by trusting your intuition, fully, deeply, you can get to a new point in life that you would have never reached if you only let your conscious, rational, always so smart and intelligent brain take the lead like always before.

We are the ones that create obstacles for ourselves. Can't blame it on any other. Our brains are great for many things. But I really don't trust it half as much as I used to. Intuition, being open and honest with myself and others, letting go of fear, looking beyond what I always looked for previously, flowing with the energies and good intention that the universe is sending out to me. Those are the real stuff that I go with nowadays...

There are no guarantees for anything in life. But I don't want to live a life regretting what I could have had. What I could have done. It can all be made magical. I just need to let go and trust in the magic.

Banana cake


Soon getting into week 39, and while not having any major pressures nor pain anywhere (except a few cramps/braxton hicks the other day), there really isn't anything other to do than just wait. And bake! A banana cake is always appreciated. Not gluten free nor vegan this time I'm afraid, but sometimes you just want to do things the way they're originally made.

100 g butter
2 tbsp potato flour
2 dl brown sugar - 1 cup
2 eggs
4 ripe bananas, mashed + 1 whole one for decoration
3 and a half dl flour - 1,5 cups
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla powder
1 tsp cardamom
a handful crushed walnuts, optional

Heat your oven to 175 C/350 F. Oil or butter your pan thoroughly and flour it with potato flour too.

Whisk butter and sugar to a nice white creamy consistency. Add the eggs, whisk them well. Plus the four bananas. Whisk to a fluffy mixture. In with all the dry ingredients. Nuts and cardamom too.

Pour mixture into your pan. Slice the final banana lengthwise in half, and place atop.

Bake in oven for around 60 minutes. Serve in thick slices, maybe with some peanut butter on if you like it like that. I used this recipe and adapted it a bit. I have a cardamom addiction and need it in anything please. Cakes, porridge, stir fries...

And so the waiting continues. I could be a mother in a few hours, or in three weeks. Anything is fine of course. But the closer it gets, the stronger the longing. While at the same time I'm not sure I really comprehend it at all. Such an interesting time. Life moves on. Until it totally changes...

Hi Baby,

We bought you some shampoo and body wash the other day and it arrived in the mail today. So weird to purchase everyday things for someone we have never met. Someone we don't even know how they look like. Someone that will join me for showers and baths for many years to come. Someone who will sleep skin to skin with me day and night.

I have treasured my alone time so immensely. Resting and contemplating in quietness has always given me peace of mind and much needed perspective. I have valued the space in between communication with others, often more, than actually spending time with others. Loving my own company and lingering in the comfort and harmony of utter peace has literally built the person that I am today. So I think to myself, how did it happen that I voluntarily signed up for removing that, or at least, drastically cutting down on it, from my life.

I'm not really afraid of not getting solitude when I need to. Your father makes sure to give me all the space that I need, and I know he will be there whenever I need to be alone. He will be as present in your life as I. But what surprises me is that I long for having you with me everywhere I go. The way we currently are inseparable. Only that you would be on the outside of my skin.

It now feels that all those hours and days of inner contemplation. Of getting to know myself so closely. Having had all those conversations with me, myself and I. Were all training and preparation for your arrival. I now know who I am. What I stand for. What is important to me. What kind of life, and values I wish to introduce to you. Diving deep within my own consciousness, allowing space and reflection to be the basis of my life, has made me the calm and harmonious person that I think will be part of a good foundation for our life together.

On the other hand I am humble to the knowing that you too, will teach me so many things. As any child, you come with your own purpose. And it is my job to help you reveal what you came here for. Guiding you in all the ways I can without interfering with your personal and unique development. Without pushing you in any direction of my choice. I wouldn't have known those things if you would have come earlier in life. If you would have arrived before I made peace with myself. Before I knew what my life was about. So I am grateful that it is now you make your entrance into our lives. The perfect time in life.

I can't wait to be able to look you in the eyes. See how you smile. What personality you have. I am so curious to see if you are the mostly quiet person you appear to be from this angle, and then extremely strong and determined on occasion. If you are as good a sleeper that you seem to be. Sleeping when I sleep. Waking up when I wake. So many questions. The beauty and curiosity of this magical unfolding.

In either case, we've got the shampoo ready for you. I wonder if you have any hair yet?

What does a Health Coach do? How I can help you

For some, the term Health Coach may not be very familiar yet. It's an increasingly sought after service, but not yet as big in Europe as it is in America, or Australia.

More people are looking to get personalised help and guidance when it comes to their life and wellness plans, by real people who take proper time to listen to them and their individual needs. More and more people realise that you do not need a doctors advice for living a healthier life. That struggles in their daily lives can be avoided and adjusted by natural means. A Health Coach with a holistic world view, understands that everything is connected, and that all parts of living are equally important to consider in order to create maximum health, happiness and abundance in life.

There are many health coaches to be found online these days, and anyone looking for help and support in any field of wellness, health and life in general, should take some time to find their personal favourite. Someone that inspires you in just the ways that you are looking for, in relation to the personal life improvements you wish to make. Working with a coach is a very personal process. So feeling at ease with the coach you choose to work with, someone who understands you, is very helpful in order to gain maximum benefit out of your time together.

My personal approach to coaching is quite simple: We would spend some time discussing your life, the challenges you face, and the goals and dreams that you have. We often begin with physical health, we speak about nutrition and I often help establish an individual meal plan for my clients particular body needs.

If physical health and nutrition is the starting point, our conversation often moves along to more in depth discussion on all the other important aspects of life.

You'll soon realise how interconnected everything is, and that when you begin to clear up in one area, the other interconnected areas of your life will be equally improved. I don't claim to be a magician, but my aim is to make you aware of just how simple life could be. How much more pleasure, joy and abundance you could gain, just by making some simple lifestyle alterations. But you have to be open about what it is that you want, and ready and willing to do what it requires of you to reach those goals.

This service is not for everyone. Most people say they would want some adjustments and improvements in life, but not everyone is actually up to doing the work it entails. No one can be changed unless they have truly decided they really want to work for a change. I cannot change your life unless you are willing to do the work it requires of you.

The programs I normally offer are based on working with me for the course of 3 or 6 months. This way we have time to really get to know each other, and for us to slowly and consciously work on the long lasting lifestyle improvements that you look for, together.

Since hiring a coach may be a new concept to you and looking at the monthly prices it involves, you may think it is quite an investment. It has to be a great priority of yours to sign up for a service like this. Which means you likely have the right mindset and willpower to make the changes that I would help you with.

For the ones of you who are curious, ready for a new you, and who wish to try my services, I have set up a smaller program for you for this summer.

For €99 / month we would speak via video call twice a month, around 30 min each time. This would begin with a 20 min free consultation, just to get to know each other, and you telling me what you are looking for and what your goals and dreams are.

If we agree on working together, I will send you a personalized plan of action. I would give you the tools and information you'd need, in order to take the first few steps alone. Then we would follow up with our first call a week later. We'd catch up on video call every second week to follow up on the progress that you have done. And I will be sending you related thoughts, documents and inspiration each week by email.

When signing up, you only commit to two months, and you can thereafter cancel at any time.

My wish is to work with individuals that are up for a real change in their lives. And my wish for you is to become better aware of how you can help yourself now and in the future.

I'm ready to give you all of my support and friendly guidance, and I would love to see you thrive in life. For you to get exactly what you dream of. If I can be of any help towards it, I feel I have done something incredibly meaningful. You've only got this life to live right now, we have to make it the best we possibly can, am I right?

You can read more about the various programs I offer here. Just send me an email if you have any questions at all. Or use the form on this page. I have changed emails from the one I started out with last year, so make sure to check that you have this new one if we have been in touch previously.

I also have a competition on Instagram right now, where you can win a month of coaching with me. Check it out here.

If you're curious, here is what some previous satisfied clients have to say: 


By Deirdre Kovaci, Branford CT, USA:

.... Since I've started following Taru's plan, I have seen significant changes, that have not only benefited me, but my children too. I have lost some weight, I have much more energy, and a clear and sharper focus of my priorities. She has truly made an impression on me by making me more aware of how everyday habits and food choices impact our lives. Taru is very knowledgeable, insightful and motivating. I am forever grateful to Taru for her steady guidance on lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


By Inge Kuse, Antwerp, Belgium:

..... First we had a free Skype-session for you to get to know me and what I wanted of this collaboration, to know more about my lifestyle and my mindset towards healthy eating and a mindful life in general. I expected it would be all about healthy eating but it was so much more! The first thing we tackled was my eating habits: I ate too much bread, pasta, cheese etc. so you sent me a personalized plan with weekly menu's and a shopping list. I had to omit gluten, dairy, sugar and meat from my diet and the two first weeks all I could think about was food: with everything I bought or ordered I had to think about the ingredients but after two weeks I was used to it. And I felt so much better! It wasn't about the weight I had lost after four weeks (which was nice too) but I felt more clear and I could concentrate a lot better. I was very focused on the food bit so with every Skype session I expected we were going to talk about my improvements concerning cooking and food but every time you came up with some more ways to improve my life and health and once I got my head around the plant-based diet, I could give some more attention to exercising, meditation and making mindful choices in other areas of my life. We talked about every aspect of life: love, friendship, creativity, exercise, food... Although I unconsciously knew what was good for my health and well being in general, I couldn't have done all this without your knowledge, support and compassion...


Click here to read the full reviews. I am incredibly grateful and honoured for them having allowed me to be part of their lives, and watch them transform into healthier and happier individuals. This truly is my dream job!

Summer is finally here, I hope you use this warm and positive time of the year to really investigate what it is that you want from life, and give yourself permission to step it up to the level that you desire and deserve. Life can be exactly as good as you want it to be. And let me know if I can be of any help working towards your goals and dreams!

Days of our lives

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! Mine has consisted of devouring sunshine, writing a bit, reading books, wandering around these lands, cooking, eating, bathing, resting, conversing. All the things I do pretty much every day all day now. It is amazing how all the only few things I want to be doing, have manifested so beautifully into existence for this most meaningful and exciting time of my life. I may never be in this situation again. Pregnant. Expecting my own child's arrival. This may be the only time in my life that I get to experience all of this. This great new adventure unfolding. The anticipation of something so immense. And so I cannot be grateful enough to universe, myself and my partner, or whoever is in charge of this all, for having lined up life to be exactly what I would ever want from life. Right now. In this specific kind of situation.

There is nothing I would want more from life. It is not very common to feel this peace and immense contentment, at least not such long lasting. I've felt the same sort of super contentment in the past, but only moment to moment. Maybe a day or two at max. It now feels as if my whole existence is aligned with what is true and right and perfectly exactly in the way in which it is meant to. There's a beautiful harmony and calm in that.

This photo is from our landlords barn next door. He's got a dining room/bar in there that is currently being fixed for the summer. Great views over the fields and our ever growing seedlings and plants from there.

A few photos from the last couple weeks:

Blooming apple and plum trees in our garden. The flowers arrived late, due to the warmth arriving later than normal. And unfortunately the flowers are almost all gone again. Blown by the wind. Trees moving into a new phase in their cycle.

In the evenings we've sat by the fire. Dreaming and speaking of places to go. Houses to renovate and transform into our dream home. Discussing which kinds of horses to buy when we have found that dream house.

This is kind of the dream life situation we are looking for. Minus 3 or 2 kids. And maybe add a Shire horse, another warmblood, and a little Shetland pony. Mountain and lake nearby. All the food we can and want to eat in the garden.

Dreams really do keep us alive. I always say that we are the creators of our own lives. And however magical and nonsensical that may appear to skeptics, I believe that life offers more magical powers than what we often dare to believe. I believe that if we trust in magic and our unlimited power of creating, without letting fear and doubt come in the way, all of our dreams and wishes can be presented to us. Even more than hard work and ambition, believing and trusting, are the foundations for achieving all of our dreams and desires. At least that is my theory.

I made another type of granola the other day, and T made a great dandelion cordial (recipe coming for both).

Belly is quite big now. Have felt a few random contractions here and there. Besides the ones you feel when you orgasm. Each time I excitedly think; ah it's on the way! Before it dies out and things are back to normal. Guess it's body's way to test drive. And I appreciate the random occurrences where we momentarily get to see and feel how it would affect us mentally, if it would have been for real already. It's all very exciting. But still so hard to understand anything of how getting into labour will feel like. No matter how many stories people will tell you, it can only be a very unique and personal experience. Exactly what we are looking for. Making it our own unique experience.

Evenings here are stunning. As are mornings, middays and afternoons.... somehow it feels like time stands still and that this place is the only place that exists. Have you ever felt that way anywhere? That feeling allows you to zoom out from all that isn't important. There's great relief and peace in feeling; this right here, is the only thing that matters.

Have sowed new parsley and basil seeds, and planted out older herb plants outdoors.

Have had friends and family visiting and on one occasion we made sweet potato fries, cumin celery lentil, stuffed peppers, marinated tofu and some salads.

And watermelon, naturally.

My brother and his daughter.

One of the two yoga teachers that I organized a retreat with in my home in Greece last summer came for a visit, with one of the retreat guests. Amazingly, four of us nine women of the retreat got pregnant after that week. My food must be full of so much nurturing qualities that help with fertility ;) Two of us pregnant ones in the above pic.

My good friend Ewa, the other yoga teacher that was part of that wonderful week last summer, is organizing a great new summer retreat in Italy this summer. Check out her site for more details.

My friend Mercedes from Miami sent me the photo to the left the other day. She had found me on a page of a Citibank Aadvantage credit card offer. The other two photos are behind the scenes pics from those few days during which that campaign was shot, in Santorini, Greece last summer. A neighbour island to the island where I lived for a year. There's a video on Youtube here where you can see me diving off a sail boat for a brief second. At 0.09. Was shown in airport lounges around the US apparently.

So many beautiful memories to share from my year in Greece. Still yet to come.

One of my favourite places.... spending much time here contemplating life, watching the cats play outdoors, listening to the birds outside and to the playlist I've made for the birthing day. Feeling the anticipation building. Not in an urgent way. It's just slowly building up and I feel more connected to the baby and the process every day.

At the same time; there are so many times in the day that we say: I can't wait to meet our baby! ... so much for being patient.

How will life change after this? Soon we'll know...