Taru Tuomi, an advocate for slow, mindful living. Living life consciously is my rhyme. Being aware and present with all what we invite into our sphere. I would say I am an activist for better connectedness, and more peace and freedom for everyone. I want to live a good life based on my personal beliefs and desires, not allowing pressure nor demands from others, and I want the same for you and for everyone else.

You could also just call me a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, which is a title I received after graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition NYC in 2016. More than just focusing on physiological health and nutrition, my aim is to help people live their lives better, fuller, with clearer focus on their true self. By removing noise and distractions to reveal that pure essence of each person. That is where I believe we all thrive the most. Living life genuinely. Being at home with ourselves.

I've been on a voyage all my life, not only have I visited many corners of the world and lived in many different places and cultures. Have travelled to 50 countries on five continents, lived in 8 of them and spent 5 challenging, fascinating and educational years living and travelling the world on a sail boat. But I've also travelled deep within myself to look for answers to the most basic of human evolutionary questions. Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I live a truly authentic life with the most value and happiness? And how can I help others find a true path to their authentic happy place in life?

Part of why I am doing this, is to help the world at large. Not to sound like I've taken on a role of mother Theresa or anything, but I truly believe that all great changes in society and globally, begins with each one of us doing the best we can from our personal vantage point. We as a whole are connected through each and every individual. And so by you changing your world to the better, you will help spread that good vibe and energy to the immediate world around you. You'll inspire others. You know how just a smile from a stranger lifts you up. Apply that to all the little positive changes that you do for yourself, and you'll soon start seeing the world in brighter colours and with a more optimistic outlook.

There's great pleasure and power in taking control of your own life and actions and truly getting to know yourself. So much magic can happen from a place of solid connectedness with self. You'll begin to attract the good. You'll start appreciating the little things. You'll easier avoid that which isn't comfortable. You will know when to say yes and when to say no and there will be much less time wasted on that which isn't important. A whole new life is literally opening up before you as you take the steps towards better understanding of who it is that you are and what you are here to accomplish.

As part of exploring myself and the connection we have to all things around us, I inevitably stumbled onto the journey of physiological well being. Body and mind connection. Both need one another.

I struggled with adult acne for a couple years, and after much time, frustration and endless research, my intuition finally lead me to trust in the belief that modern medication just wasn't right for me. I understood that I would have to find the underlying cause to the imbalance within my body, in order to help cure myself completely. Which is why I ended up studying the ancient forms of healing that have been practised for thousands of years before people put all their faith in the current health care system. This brought me to so many a-ha moments. Could life and health be this easy?

Food was the right answer for me. As was removing mental stress factors which I at the time had started to accept as normalities in my life. Within a few weeks of finding the right path to eating, living and relating to food and my life choices, my skin cleared up and the problem has never returned.

Knowing what I know now, that what I experienced back then were typical indications of something fundamental and internal not being quite right. That my body literally was trying to yell at me that I was on the wrong path, food and lifestyle wise - I feel it is my calling to help other women and men to consider the body-mind connection. To make them aware of how a true connection with, and understanding of - the self - is mandatory for living a good, healthy life.

I help them remove noise and distractions and unhealthy patterns from their lives, which will finally allow them the freedom to make space for that which makes them feel truly good. From the inside and out. You'd soon realize that once we ease into the pure essence of being (that means in the flow of who it is that you are underneath all the protective layers we've built around us) - life will suddenly feel so easy.

I'll help you understand how you can look and feel your absolute best by natural means. I'll help you find a comfortable way to thrive off life, rather than feeling overwhelmed by its many adversities.

Life can be a real jungle. If coming from a place of dis-harmony or dissatisfaction in any area in life, it is not very easy to begin navigating through the obstacles alone.

While nutrition is a major part of physical and mental well being, my approach to self healing stems much deeper. Being content with your life's situation and with your self is of paramount importance to find true harmony and balance. I know it is not always that easy to find out exactly what you are meant to be doing with yourself, literally and figuratively speaking. But with life experience and meeting many people from lots of different backgrounds, I have over the years discovered some simple, yet essential techniques to trigger, within most of us, a desire to ask ourselves just the right questions. For we do have most of the answers within ourselves. There's ancient wisdom deep within our genes that we just have to find a smart way to dig up.

After having given birth to my son Rowan in the summer of 2017 - a beautiful home-birth that forever changed my view on the female body, mind and the ancient power that we possess - my new little family and I set out on a journey to South East Asia. My son is now 4 months old and we currently live in Bali, Indonesia. We're enjoying nature and the simplicity of life. As a means of connecting internally, as well as with my son and my partner, I am no longer blogging as much as I used to. It is important to make space for our inner world. And move distractions out of the way to give room for the things that are truly important.

Before I began this very special and magical baby journey, I lived on the beautiful Greek island of Paros where I ran a little bed & breakfast and rented out some pretty neat traditional Greek homes to holiday visitors. I still rent them out, so go have a look in that section if you are ever looking for a perfectly calm, magically stunning and natural place for your next Greek vacation, and let me know if I can be of any help with rentals and tips to do, see and eat on the island.

And for everything else, I'm here to help and guide you to loving yourself and your life like never before. Your life could be lived with ease and grace. You can make anything happen, don't ever forget that.

Send me a note for any questions or if you wish to speak more.